Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wedding Catering

Venue choice and catering are two of the biggest decisions you make for your wedding day, so it’s essential that these factors work together seamlessly to make the day perfect! If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue, you will inevitably have a stunning backdrop. That said, it’s also important to be prepared for all possible factors that come with an outdoor wedding venue. As you plan your big day, pay close attention to your catering decisions as there is a truly unique set of pros and cons of outdoor wedding catering!

Pros of Outdoor Wedding Catering

Unique, Intimate Ambiance

There is nothing like the romantic feeling of an outdoor wedding. The ambiance, with outdoor lighting, candles, and other scene-setting decors, creates the perfect backdrop for your catered wedding reception. Dining al fresco is a one-of-a-kind experience that simply adds to the magic of your wedding day, and enjoying this special meal outside with loved ones is sure to be unforgettable.

Increased Space

Outdoor weddings give you and your guests more space and freedom to enjoy your venue! Having this additional space also means more opportunities for creative outdoor catering. Perhaps you want to indulge in a traditional Maine lobster bake, southern-style barbeque, or even bring food trucks into the mix – an outdoor wedding is the perfect setting for all your wildest foodie dreams to come true, which leads us to our next pro.

Personalized Catering Experience

When hosting an outdoor wedding, caterers who are experienced in this will be able to use the alfresco setting to their advantage! A quality catering service will be able to not only accommodate your outdoor venue but make the day completely personalized to you and your guests.

Cons of Outdoor Wedding Catering

Food Transportation

If your outdoor venue doesn’t have an on-site kitchen, transporting food can be complicated and result in a less-than-smooth serving experience. Dishes may spill, get crushed, or end up either overcooked or undercooked by the time they reach your guests. Be sure that your outdoor catering team has everything they need to successfully implement your reception meal from start to finish.

Weather Conditions

Though it may seem like common sense, keep in mind that weather can change in an instant – especially in Maine! If you’re planning a fully outdoor event, make sure your caterer has a backup plan in place. They can also advise on dishes that will provide the best experience for your guests in case of inclement weather at your outdoor location.

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