A Guide to Maine Wedding Catering: What Questions to Ask

Catering is one of the most significant aspects of your wedding day, and can often feel overwhelming during the research phase. There are so many factors to consider! With all the weight riding on which catering company you choose, you’ll want to go into the decision-making process fully prepared with all of your questions answered. This will help ensure your big day turns out exactly the way you imagined! To guide you through this process, we’ve put together the best questions to ask when choosing your Maine wedding catering company.

What kind of catering packages are available?

Understanding available catering package options will help you make the ultimate decision on who to choose for your catering needs. How many differing packages are there, and what is included in each? Are costs itemized or based on an inclusive rate?

Most catering packages will typically include a few appetizers, salad, and entree – sometimes wedding cake and coffee are also included, though you should still double-check. Caterers will often provide sample menus for you to review before you make a decision! This is also a great time to inquire about alternative dishes for guests who may be gluten-free, kosher, or vegetarian.

Can the caterer offer a menu tasting beforehand?

A menu tasting is an excellent way to get to know your caterer’s style and presentation – and, of course, sample their delicious food! See if you’re able to schedule a tasting before your wedding. It’s a win-win: either you make an informed decision if it’s not the best fit for your event, or you have another fabulous detail to look forward to on your wedding day!

What rentals or services will the caterer provide?

Ask if your caterer outfits their events, or if you will be responsible for doing so. This includes all rentals – think tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens, and so forth – which can add up quickly and should be worked into your budget early on. You’ll also want to confirm whether your caterer will provide their own servers; this is ideal rather than using the venue’s staff because a caterer’s servers are well-versed in the dishes they are presenting.

Alcohol and bartenders are other important factors to consider. Will the caterer also be able to provide bartending services, or will you need to outsource? Do they allow you to supply the alcohol yourself, or does it need to be purchased through a catering package? Bar services and alcohol can be a big cost, so they deserve a little extra attention when planning and budgeting.

Who is responsible for set-up and break-down?

Confirm who will be responsible for the day-of labor – setting up the dishware, cleaning it, and breaking everything down, and putting it away – and whether it is an additional charge. Asking how much time the caterer will need to set up will help determine when they need to access the venue. It’s also important to ask whether your caterer will be able to make equipment arrangements if the venue doesn’t have the on-site facilities needed, which could result in an additional fee on your end. This brings us to our next question:

Are there any additional charges to anticipate?

This could include anything from the security deposit to sales tax or other service fees. You’ll also want to ask about gratuities and whether they’re automatically included in the final fee. If not, you’ll want to set aside some cash for the day of the event.

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