7 Factors to Consider When Hiring Wedding Catering Services

While getting married is an exciting time full of joy and celebration, it can also be stressful – there is a lot of time spent researching, planning and calculating to execute your perfect day. Finding the best caterer for your wedding can be overwhelming, with so many options to consider. What details should you look for when researching wedding catering services? Don’t worry – we have you covered! Below are all of the most important factors to consider when choosing a caterer for your big day.

1. Experience & Reputation

Your wedding caterer should have the experience needed to make your day run smoothly. They should want nothing but the best for you for your wedding day! Take note of how caterers respond to your questions or concerns, how quickly they are able to pivot or transition ideas, and any additional knowledge they may be able to provide – you should be able to get a good read on whether they are efficient and professional. Be sure to read through as many reviews as you are able, as this can give you good insight about previous weddings they have catered and how it all went.

2. Cost of Service

Budgets tend to play a large role in final decision-making when choosing wedding vendors. Determining a budget with your caterer will help the line of communication stay clear. You’ll want to be sure that your quote includes full services, such as staffing, set up and break down, travel, or any other services needed. Your caterer should be able to clearly break down costs and work with you on any gaps that need to be filled, such as rentals or bar service.

3. Scope of Work

Understanding the full scope of services provided by your caterer will help you make the final decision, especially when it comes to budgeting. Learning the specifics, including whether your caterer will set up beforehand, clean up afterward, and handle communication with the rental company, are all important to help you develop your final budget. If any of that costs extra, it will need to be factored into the final costs.

4. Menu Options

The caterer you choose for your wedding should have the experience and capability to go beyond standard menu offerings, providing you various creative options to choose from. A caterer that is creative and flexible will prove to be invaluable to your big day because it means the food will be crafted with you and your partner in mind! Some caterers do offer specialty foods, such as lobster bakes or BBQ, so you will want to take that into consideration when doing your research.

5. Menu Tastings

Tasting is a big part of preparing for your event! Your caterer should schedule a tasting with you several months prior to your wedding so you can enjoy a sample of the menu that will be served on your wedding day. This allows you to see how the presentation will come together and experience how the food will taste, plus give you the opportunity to make any necessary alterations or updates to the menu. It’s a wonderful way to get excited about what’s to come!

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is essential for wedding catering services, not only for creating menus as we mentioned above, but also when it comes to venues. Your caterer should be familiar with the layout of the area they’ll be working in at your venue, including kitchen location, space available, and the like. The more your caterer is able to adjust to minor changes, whether related to event space or the events of your day, the more smooth the process will be!

7. Serving Options

What kind of food service do you have in mind for your wedding reception? Are you picturing an easygoing buffet-style meal, or full plated service? Maybe something in between, like family-style? Determining which of these options your caterer can accommodate will have an impact on cost due to the amount of staff needed and hours of labor involved. Be sure to ask these questions to ensure your vision can be made a reality!

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  1. Sarah, you have stated it correctly! Many people choose the company after being recommended by friends or coworkers. However, it is best to do your own research and look for the reputation, food quality, flexibility, style, and service offered, as well as the budget, before deciding on one. You may even request a cuisine tasting to be extra particular about the caterer.

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